KASSADIN BUILD GUIDE: AD Kassadin - The Art Of Murder by Shiina

by Shiina (last updated over a year ago)

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage(8.55 attack damage)
Greater Seal of Armor(9 armor)
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist(12.06 magic resist)
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage(6.75 attack damage)
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Full Item Build

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mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
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mastery 2 0/1
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EForce Pulse
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My name is Shiina, a diamond 1 Kayle main on EUNE server.
I've made an On-hit Kayle build previously, so my name is might not be new.

Let me speak about Kassadin first. I've always loved him on mid lane.. Back in the days, before Kass's nerfs..
Kassadin is ("intented") to be a full AP burst mage. Building AP on him caused big trouble to the whole enemy team in Kass's pre-nerf state.
However, ban rates increased, Kass's nerfs came by father RIOT.

Butchering him in many ways, ended up in an overnerfed "AP Assasin", which is just only the shadow of it's former self... Building full AP leads you to a terrible early/mid game, and an inferior late game..
Inferior to what? You may ask.. The answer is: inferior to AD kassadin.

-Insane AD burst damage.
-Fast waveclear.
-Almost no cost champion because of lifesteal/W active.
-1,8 sec CD ultimate with 3000 mana to use!!!
-Hybridish damage output (early Qs + lategame R can deal up to 500 magic damage)
-Stronger mid game than AP kassadin.
-Q procs Muramana's toggle skill, dealing hybrid damage (and dealing damage at all).
-Can get in the fight ---> Kill a target ----> Still can get out.
-90% slow + channeling spell interrupt for an Assassin.
-Good early Q harrass.
-Tankier than AP Kassadin, still deals tons of damage
-Can't be ganked after level 6, because of the Riftwalk.
-You can dodge every skillshot if you pay attention.

-Tough early game (so as AP Kassadin), however with the lifesteal you help yourself.
-You need to stack Tear to get Muramana, which takes time/patience.
-Your Q/E/W don't deal damage at all (Q in late game is okay, later explained).
-Your Q shield is much lesser than full AP Kassadin's shield.
-Your team will rage at you when they see only your AD is increasing.. :D
-You can't dominate your lane in early game even if you get a bit ahead (after level six you can).

Artist: Gathril


Marks: With flat AD marks () it is easier to farm under turret.
Seals: With flat armor seals () it is easier to survive until lvl 6.
Glyphs: With flat magic resisr glyphs () it is easier to survive until lvl 6 (mostly you will go mid against AP casters).
Quints: With flat AD quints ()it's easier to farm under turret.

Alternative Seals would be , since it has got buffed!
If you are against an AD laner with an AD jungle (or against a full AD team), you can go for instead of magic resist glyphs. In this case you can pick a different boots (not Ionian) from the "Situational Items".

We mainly choose our rune page to be able to farm under turret and to survive earily laning phase.


mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 4/4
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 3 3/3
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 1/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
21 Offense
mastery 1 2/2
mastery 2 2/2
mastery 3 0/2
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 1/1
mastery 2 3/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 1/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/3
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/4
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
9 Defense
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 3 0/1
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/1
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/1
mastery 3 0/3
mastery 4 0/2
mastery 1 0/1
mastery 2 0/3
mastery 2 0/1
0 Utility
21/9/0 Page.


: To be able to get 40% CDR with full build (leads to 1,8 sec R CD which is strong)

The offense's main column (////) column is self explanatory.
We need as much attack damage/penetration/increased damage as possible to assasinate targets.

: is a must. Increasing your overall damage output. You are considered as a Melee champion, so you deal additional 2% damage an receive an additional 1% damage. The advantage of this mastery that you can destroy targets easier in late game. The disadvantage is the increased damage you receive (1% damage from each champion is still not much, so it is still worth).

: is optional, you can put that last point wherever you want.
Spell weaving is not the best choice for kassadin since we don't deal enough magic damage (the 3% damage increase is not much then).

: is a very cool mastery, it gives back 5% missing HP/MP which increases the chance to survive after successfully finishing with a target (+ more mana is always cool).

: is obligatory for an Assassin, it increases the damage you deal to targets below 20% Health. It is really nice combined with Double-Edged Sword.


The defense tree gives us a tankier early game.

: Reduces the damage from champion basic attacks. It is the best early game mastery for Kassadin since you will be auto attacked in the lane a lot (especially if you play against a ranged laner).

: Reduces the damage from all incoming attack (melee attack -2 / ranged attacks -1). Along with Block, this will help you to survive in the early gamephase.

: Increased health regeneration is good to have. If you get your HP down, you will fastly regenerate by the combination of Recovery + health potions.

: Flat health points make you tankier. You can't get bursted so easily with these.

: Gives around 100-200 HP in late game which is noticable. In the early game it gives some extra HP with Veteran Scars. Good to put 1 point here, it can help your laning with high tankiness.

However we don't pick Enchanted Armor (), because it gives almost unnoticable bonus even in late game.

-As i said you can put 1 point from to various places.
-You can put it to Fury () to get a bit AS boost.
-You can put it to Expose Weakness () which is good because you can easier melt a target with your team.

Note: Fury is a nice, offensive mastery which would be very good for Kassadin. The problem is that we already used our 30 points.

Pick this mastery page one if you feel like you can be easily killed on lane!

Summoner Sets

Ignite & Flash
: If you will play MID, grab these. Higher potential to kill with Ignite while you are roaming.
You can easily finish off your enemy in a duel.
It decreases healing effects, very good against Vladimir/Ryze/ADCs who have built in lifesteal/regen.
If you against a champions which has good lifesteal/spellvamp (like the ones above) you can start your engage with an Ignite. It will cut down their regeneration and make you easier to kill them.

: is neccessary to be able to escape pre lvl 6. You can go through walls, you can juke the enemy with it. You can recoordinate yourself after a bad Riftwalk, you can close even more gap, you can disengage faster.
Flash is a multifunctional summoner spell, you should always get it!
Teleport & Flash
: If you play TOP, grab these. Kassadin is a mobile champion after lvl 6, but it is just too long way to go from Top Lane to Bot lane. With Teleport, you can gank like a king. Teleport can help you in tower defending (when the enemy tries to backdoor). It should be stated that it helps you to get back to your lane since the enemy laner will have the advantage over you most of the time.
If you cast this on your Tower instead of your minions or wards it has 240 seconds cooldown (casting on minions results in 3 minute CD).

is neccesary as mentioned above..
Clarity & Flash
: Very underrated summoner spell, you rarely see this in the game. AD Kassadin can make a good use of it since it resores 40% of Kassadin's maximum mana. It means if you are low on mana and can't use your R, you don't have to wait W to get your mana back. We have around 3k mana, 40% is equal to 1200 which is enough to use a fully stacked ultimate (1200 mana cost). Can be a lifesaver or a lifetaker (if you riftwalk to an enemy to kill him).

: See statements above.

Note: This is the best among the three options if you can survive without the two other summoner spells. It is like having an instant R whenever you want it.. In late game it is cool!
Exhaust & Flash
: Reduces the target movement speed/ attack speed / overall damage/ resists... Like a big nerf for 2,5 seconds. Very good against targets who are able to kill you easily: //etc.. It is good for chasing down targets, however we can already chase down anybody with our R.

: See statements above.
Cleanse & Flash
: Cleanse is a very viable summoner spell on many non-tanky champions who are in fear of getting bounded by a stun or any kind of CC. It instantly removes all debuffs from your champion instantly and lower the duration of incoming disables by 65%. I still not recommend getting it, if you are afraid of stuns then go for Mercurial Scimitar. My biggest problem: you don't need cleanse effect in your early game. In the early phase, stun isn't your biggest problem but your weak laning phase.
I would prefer getting the summoner spells above (if you need a late game summoner spell go for Clarity).

: See statements above.
Smite & Clairvoyance
From now I will analyze all the unviable summoner spells.
You should not pick these!

: Used by junglers to be able to clear their jungle effectively. With picking smite you are allowed to buy a jungler item from the store which helps you in the jungle clearing. Kassadin in the jungle is unviable since you can't clear it properly (you don't have enough sustain) moreover you are easily countered by a counter jungler (like Warwick,Xin Zhao). Never pick this summoner spell.

: Reveals an area of the map for 5 seconds. You should never pick this one. Never confuse it with .. They are both blue and you can easily garble them.. Revealing the map in early game won't help you. It would be useful in late game on a support. If you really want to reveal the map consider getting more wards.
Revive & Ghost

: Instantly revives your champion. It is a summoner spell preferred by trolls (they use it with Teleport). This spells has no real use for AD Kassadin. Reviving after dying won't win you the lane (an Exhaust maybe).

: Increases your champion's movement speed by 27%. It increases your survival rates while being ganked. Sadly it falls off in late game because you already have godlike mobility. Against the ganks, better to get Exhaust with Flash: you flash away and exhaust the closest target. This method will give a better result since you can use Exhaust in a fight to exhaust enemy champions (haha)..
Barrier & Heal

: Shields your champion which absorbs small amount of damage. Highly preferred by squishy targets. You build tanky in the late game, you are only squishy in the early game. It would be nice against early game squishiness but we choose a summoner spell which is useful in early and late game. Picking an exhaust cuts off your target's damage which results in bigger survival rate than using shield against it (Exhaust has 40% damage decrease).

: A buffed version of Barrier which affects the nearest allied champion too restoring HP and giving movement speed. Since Heal is getting weaker and weaker by using it on a previously healed champion I would never pick this. Your ADC will pick Heal + Flash, 2 Heal in a team is just a waste. In this case Barrier would be better.
Sadly we need a summoner spell which is very useful to us in the late game. We will be too tanky to make any use of it!

Item Builds

Starting Build(s)
90% of the time!
Against heavy AD!
1. / start:
-You will prefer this one most of the time. It gives you insane sustain in lane, letting you harras with your Q freely. You can stay at your lane until you hit level 6 most of the time with this start.
-Warding totem is good assist to prevent early ganks.

2./ start:
-Only against champions: ...
-You will mostly pick this if you are afraid of the enemy laner. Get this against champions who deal lots of AD damage and can EASILY PICK FIRST BLOOD ON YOU.
-You will have less sustain, but you will be tankier.
Final Build(s)
Standard Final Items
I prefer to get a final build like this. It will make you tanky while you steal deal immense amount of burst. I analyze each item below one by one:
: Tier 2 boots giving 15% cooldown reduction. This one is the best choice (unless you went for scaling cooldown reduction glyphs) because you can achieve 40% CDR in the late game (Sorcery mastery + Ionian boots + Frozen Heart). With 40% CDR you can reset auto attacks with your W rapidly + you will have 1,8 seconds CD on Riftwalk.

: An item giving 75 AD/health regen./12% lifesteal/an unique passive which transforms your auto attacks into AOE dealing attacks/an unique active which deals 100% of your attack damage around you (60% on the edge of the crescent). I was thinking a lot if BOTRK would be a better choice but I realized not. Hydra gives a big burst boost with our auto attack reseting W + active crescent. It deals our attack damage three times in less than a second. The main idea why do we build this as our core item is the immense waveclear it gives. We don't have AP to rely on E's AOE damage, we need to farm effectively to get our core items as fast as possible.

: It is not like I am a Muramana maniac, but this item is so great and very underrated. AP Kassadin always bought 1 or 2 mana items such as Rod of Ages or Seraph's embrace. Actually Muramana is Seraph's Embrace in an AD version. Giving 1000 mana/20 attack damage/mana regeneration/an unique passiv which gives you 2% of your maximum Mana as attack damage/an unique toggle skill which makes your single target spells and attacks consume 4% of your current mana to deal twice the amount as physical damage. In late game it gives around 82 AD totally which is more than Infinity Edge's AD. We will have a big mana pool and we will be able to use our Riftwalk rapidly. The mana regeneration helps a bit in early game. The main purpose with Muramana is to get it's toggle passive. You will deal extra damage on your Q spell (it is single target spell) and on your auto attack. This means your Q will become a hybrid spell (dealing 200 magic and ~200 physical damage in late game), and you can proc the passive twice with W reset. In late game with 3100 mana it deals (with maximum mana pool) around 200 damage. With double auto attack (W reset) it is 400 which is very good.

: This item gives almost every stat in the game. Attack damage/ability power/attack speed/critical chance/movement speed/250HP/250MP/an unique passive which makes your basic attacks give 20 movement speed and minion or champion or monster kills give 60 movement speed/another unique passive which deals 200% of your basic attack damage as extra damage on your next attack after using an ability. The second unique passive is the point why we get this. Insanely good burst damage can be achieved by it. Kassadin has 125 basic attack damage at level 18 which is one of the highest in the game. You will be able to land critical strikes which is another factor in burst damage. The extra mana helps your Muramana to be more effective. The AP is okay, but you don't make any use of it.
Getting Sheen after Hydra gives a high damage spike in your overall damage output, that time you should start roaming!

: 100 armor/400 mana/20% cooldown reduction/an unique aura which reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 15%. A very cheap item with many good attributes. The 100 armor it very good since you already can burst carries. With the 100 armor you can get out from the fights alive. The 400 mana increases Muramana's effectiveness and help you to be able to use your Riftwalk freely. The aura is quite nice if you can't kill the ADC with one combo cycle (it will make him killing a hard task). The 20% CDR is the last portion missing for the 40% CDR cap (as explained at Ionian boots before).

: Situational, however I almost always grab these. 400 HP/55 magic resist/an unique passive which gives a spellshield blocking the next incoming enemy ability (refreshes in 40 seconds while not taking any champion damage)/another unique passive which grants health regeneration for up to 10 seconds when the previous passive shield breaks.
Along with the high armor we have by this time with Frozen Heart, we need to build HP to increase the armor's value. The 55 magic resist synergizes with your passive well. The spellshield helps you to survive the assault you will do to take out a carry.

: Is a must in early game to prevent enemy jungler ganking you. I often sell this one and get Sweeping lens if i'm roaming around. Upgrade this into if you need sight ward (it is really good when you want to surprise someone: just put it down to a frequented point and wait until your enemy arrives). Another viable upgrade is which puts a pink ward instead of a sight ward (I often get this against stealthed enemies like against Akali,Shaco,Evelynn).

The main pont why AD kassadin is working is it's W's auto attack reset. Your full burst contains:
1. Trinity proc (~250 damage) *Crit deals 500 damage*
2. 2 auto attack (around 800 damage) *Crit deals 1600 damage*
3. 2 muramana procs (around 350 damage)
4.. W active (120 magic damage)
5. Riftwalk (100-500 damage based on the stacks).
6. Hydra active (400 damage).
7. Moreover Q which procs Muramana passive (200 AP damage + 150 AD damage)
8. E deals 200 AP damage only.

With the full burst which is around 1,5 second long!!!!!!! You deal 2570 to 4020 damage.
As you can see it can be pretty high to one-shot any carry. If it's around 2020, you still hurt them and forcing them to retreat.

The full build will give you the following stats:
-180 armor
-110 magic resist
-400 attack damage
-3000 HP with
-3138 MANA

With + + you hit 40% cooldown CAP. It means you can AA reset every 5,4 seconds. You can use your ultimate every 1,8 seconds! I will upload a video about the "RapidRifting", how strong can it be!
Build Order
Rush Tear because you need to start stacking as soon as possible. Follow up with vampiric scepter and tier 1 boots. This phase is the weakest part of AD Kass's story, since we miss offensive items by building Tear.
Build the vampiric scepter into Hydra.. This will boost your waveclear to a high level (auto attack reseting affects hydra AOE damage).
Follow up with Sheen, this will increase your burst/dueling damage.
Build the Sheen into Triforce. AD Kassadin's peak is near after finishing Trinity. Most of the time you will have around 500/750 stacks in Tear.
Build Manamune ASAP and end the stacking.
Buy tier 2 boots after Triforce, or after Manamune based on the stacks you have. If you have under 500, go Ionian Boots right after Triforce. Otherwise go Manamune.
End your build with Frozen Heart + Banshee's Veil.

I prefer to build FH earlier because of the 40% CDR we get. However if the enemy AP carry is a BIGGER threat, go Banshee's first!

Tip: You can buy along with Tear if you can't afford Vampiric Scepter at your first back.

Situational Items

Last Whisper
Last Whisper gives armor penetration which is essential for an Assassin. You may consider getting this if the enemy team is stacking armor or buying .

Let's face it, we go for their carries. If their tanks build much armor, ignore this item since it is not our task (not primary) to assasinate tanks.
If their carry is building armor after Guardian Angel, you should get this.

Situational Value: 5/5
Maw of Malmortius
MOM is such a "voidish" item that you may consider getting when their AP carry isn't the biggest threat.
It is often good to build an early Hexdrinker against a big threat AP carry like Leblanc/Fizz.
You can get this like an alternative to Banshee's Veil.
You will get less resistance/HP... So overall you will be more squishy.
What you get is more AD.

Get this if you need more damage and you don't need that much tankiness but you still want some magic resist.

Situational Value: 5/5
Blade of the Ruined King
If you are really ahead, it is a really good choice.
You get attack damage/lifesteal/ on-hit % damage/ active lifestealslowspeedup stuff.
With the auto attack reset we got with our W, it is really strong.

I rarely build it since I prefer to get tanky items instead. It is a good alternative to any defensive items against HP stacking targets or kiting ADCs. Sometimes I switch Hydra and get BOTRK because of the stronger early game fighting potential.

Situational Value: 5/5
Mercurial Scimitar
Mercurial Scimitar is a very nice item. The problem with this (as I have stated in my Kayle guide) that it is EXPENSIVE. Very very expensive.
It is a good alternative to Banshee's Veil, since it still gives MR.

You get damage along with the MR + a passive, which negates all the crowd control effects on your champion. With this you don't have to be afraid of stuns.

Mercurial Scimitar gives more damage and less resist compared to Maw of Malmortius. I get Mercurial if i'm afraid of stuns, and the enemy AP carry is weak.

-If the AP carry is strong get Banshee's.
-If the AP carry is not so strong you can get Maw of Malmortius.
-If the AP carry is weak go for Mercurial.

Situational Value: 5/5

Infinity Edge
The undestructible edge preferred by all of the ADCs out there.
To be able to defeat your enemy, you need to understand their habits.
This item gives 70 AD/critical chance/an unique passive which makes your critical hits deal 250% damage instead of 200%.

Plain stats, which are determining the game. It is very expensive, but for the gold you get real power.
It is a quite nice item for AD Kassadin, and I recommend getting it in case you want to truly demolish a target. You lose plenty of tankiness via buying IE but sometimes it is worth.
With the increased AD and critical chance buffs, you will have around 30% critical chance which are dealing devastating damage. Your W reset gives two chance to make you land crits in not more than a second.

Situational Value: 5/5

You would like to get this when you are ahead (fed) or when there is a very squishy fed enemy target who meant to be ruined.
Statikk Shiv
40% attack speed/20% critical chance/6% movement speed.
An unique passive which deals 100 magic damage as a chainlighting upon a basic attack. This attack can critically strike. You need to build up charges with moving or attacking.

It is an item like Phantom Dancer but with lower base stats and a better passive. This item is better for your overall bursting playstyle since combined with Infinity Edge it can crit 250 magic damage.
You can get IE and Statikk together for maximum damage!

Situational Value: 2/5 if built alone. 5/5 if built with IE.
Randuin's Omen
If they are a full AD team, you can get this instead of Banshee's Veil.
I prefer to get this and not Thornmail because Randuin's Omen gives HP while Thornmail not.
Bursted ADCs who try to hit back will have their attack speed slowed, moreover it gives an active skill which slows nearby targets.
The active slow is really strong with your 90% E slow.

Situational Value: 4/5
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel is a mainstream item mostly used by squishy champions. You may consider getting GA if you have build NO tanky item before.
For example instead of Frozen Heart you have built BOTRK. Then you should think about it wheter you going to get GA, building no HP at all, or get a tankier item.

I recommend getting GA in a case mentioned above. It is much reliable protection wall that HP.

Situational Value: 5/5 if you went straight into damage. Otherwise 3/5.
The Black Cleaver
A cool alternative to Frozen Heart. Another building route after the core items is to go Black Cleaver + Spirit Visage.
You will still have the 40% CDR, you will have more damage, you will have armor penetration.
Not as much armor penetration as Last Whisper would give, but enough to kill squishies building low number of armor.

The Pros of this ending build:
-% based armor penetration.
-More damage.
-Increased lifesteal effects.
-More HP (200)

The Cons of this ending build:
-No armor.
-No Banshee's spellshield.
-No Frozen Heart's passive.
-Less Mana (leads to lower Muramana damage).

Overall it is better to go this way if the enemy AD dealers are weak, otherwise go the FH/Banshee route.

Situational Value: 4/5 if built with spirit visage. 3/5 if built alone.
Spirit Visage
A nice item to get with Black Cleaver. Most of the points explained above.
It gives HP, magic resist, insreased life steal effects (by 20%).

Situational Value: 4/5 if built with Black Cleaver. 3/5 if built alone (Banshee's Veil is better in this case).
Youmuu's Ghostblade
30 AD/15% critical chance/10% CDR.
An unique passive which gives 20 armor penetration.
An unique active which increases your movement speed by20% and your attack speed by 40%.

It is a really nice item which is worth building on AD Kassadin. Many ADCs build this because of it's low price and strong stats.
The armor penetration is really good since we didn't build any penetration in the game.
The AD and critical chance is good. The cooldown is good, but then you should avoid getting Ionian boots (if you plan on getting this one). In this case put 2-3 scaling cooldown glyphs into your rune page to be able to get 40% CDR.
The unique active is outstanding because it gives high attack speed for a relatively long duration. You can destroy carries easier with 40% attack speed.

Situational Value: 4/5 Get this instead of Banshee's Veil.
Thornmail is a really strong item against full AD teams.
However we have already built Frozen Heart which gives the same amount armor as Thornmail.
We clearly need an item which gives HP along with the armor.
I aways get Randuin instead of this.

Situational Value: 3/5
Essence Reaver
High AD, good lifesteal, CDR, mana recovery on every auto attack.
I listed the attributes above, it seems like it is good for AD Kassadin, but after a deep analysis it is actually not that good.

We already have max CDR, so the 10% would go to the wasteland. The lifesteal and the AD is okay.
The problem is with the passive. It could easily neglect the Muramana's mana draining toggle skill, but actually it doesn't neglect it (only lower the amount it drains).
The 2-8% mana recovery with our average attack speed is just not the best deal.
We would lose tankiness with building this item. Our W already refills 40% mana per champions + we have around 3k mana late game.
If you need that much mana anyway, go for Clarity summoner spell!

Situational Value: 3/5 There are better options!
Sword of the Occult
10 AD and an unique passive.
The passive is the AD version of Mejai's. Scoring assists or kills give you stacks which are equal to attack damage. Upon reaching maximum stacks (20) you gain extra 20% attack speed.

It is a big gamble. If you like to risk, you can try this one. I prefer not to get this since you can lose your damage upon dying.
"High risk High reward". You can get maximum 110 AD with it (pretty nice).

Situational Value: 3/5 If you think that you can make it work.
Frozen Mallet
+700 HP/30 AD/an unique passive which makes your basic attacks slow your target's movement speed by 40%.

This item would be a great alternative to Banshee's Veil in case you only need HP and no magic resist. The problem with this mallet is it's price 3300 gold. It is so expensive that I do not recommend getting it. It's passive is quite nice, since you are able to perma-slow your enemy with your high mobility (literally he cannot escape from your manly grips).
The HP is really cool (this item gives almost the highest HP bonus in the game) to survive. The bonus AD is good to strengthen your burst damage.

But I would say get Randuin's Omen instead of this. Randuin is cheaper, gives almost the same amount of HP and it also has a slow (non-permanent though).

Situational Value: 2/5 Can work, but I wouldn't say it is the best pick out there.
Iceborn Gauntlet
The first thing you may ask is why won't we go for Iceborn?
The reason is complicated. It gives AP/CDR/armor/500 mana and an unique passive which makes your autoattacks deal an AOE damage (125% of your base attack damage) with slow.
The slow is nice, the price is nice, the mana is nice, the CDR is a waste since we got already 40% CDR. Changing Ionian boots for a different pair of boots would be good but the main problem is the following.
I've tried building this item many times and i found myself very weak. We are not building a full tank Kassadin. We are still assassins, not some damage taking meat shields. The reason that I often state AD Kassadin as a Tank-Asssassin is because of the last two items.
With Iceborn we lose the mid game power we should have. A good thing about this build is that we get all of our damage in mid game. Building Iceborn would give us tankiness in the mid game phase which doesn't worth it.

Overall, you can try it yourself if you want, but it is really not that good. The slow gives you more likely a utility based AD Tank which is not our purpose.

Situational Value: 2/5 It's not 0 because it is viable actually, but Triforce is a much better option!
Executioner's Calling
An item giving attack damage/critical chance/ and an unique passive which reduces healing effects by 50% on your target damaged by your basic attacks.

This item is in AD version, but a bit weaker. You can rarely spot this in the game.
It can be viable if there are fed champions like // since it cuts off their health regeneration by skills.

Only go for this one, if they are really annoying and your team can't cope with them even with Ignite. Otherwise this one is a really weak choice.

Situational Value: 2/5
The Bloodthirster
80 AD/20% lifesteal/an unique passive which let lifesteal overheal you and make a shield which absorbs damage.

The old BT was way more superior to this. Only the lifesteal is good on this one. I think you should get Infinity Edge if you want the damage.
If you want the lifesteal fo for BOTRK.

Situational Value: 2/5 It is working but they are much better options which give the same result.
Phantom Dancer
50% Attack speed/35% critical chance/5% movement speed.
An unique passive which makes your champion ignore unit collision.

You already have it's passive. The other stats are very nice. With the high attack speed you can land Muramana procs like no one else.
Increased critical chance makes you deliver executing blows more often.
The movement speed is okay.

The passive is a big waste on Kassadin. If you want to get AS/critical chance, you should go Staikk Shiv. An item similar to this but with a different burst increasing passive.

Situational Value: 1/5 Works but Statikk is superior.
Warmog's Armor
800 HP and an unique passive which restores 1% of maximum health every 5 seconds.

This item the most HP in the game. It is a core item on Volibear.
I don't really think it's passive is useful for an AD Assassin.
If you need HP and tankiness that much get or the less recommended .

Situational Value: 1/5 Working but you can get better result with other items.
Sunfire Cape
450 HP/45 armor.
An unique passive which deals magic damage to earby enemies each second.

A good item for tanks who doesn't deal any damage.
You shouldn't get this since you deal high damage, you have enough armor with Frozen Hearth.

Situational Value: 0/5
Atma's Impaler
It gives armor/critical chance/attack damage based on your maximum HP.
It is a core item on champions like Garen or Olaf.

We don't make any use of it, since we don't build enough HP to make it's passive effective.
The critical chance would be great but the item's stats don't pass together somehow.
Armor and critical chance together?..

Situational Value: 0/5 Just no.
Runaan's Hurricane
70% attack speed and an unique passive which makes your RANGED basic attacks fire minor bolts at 2 nearby targets.

It is only working on ranged champions. We don't want to deal AOE damage so it would be bad for AD Kassadin if it would work with melee champions.

Situational Value: 0/5 Not working.
Elixir of Ruin
I prefer to get this elixir in the late game. The extra 250 HP helps you to survive while the extra damage to towers increase your splitpushing speed along with the potion's passive which increases the movement speed of nearby allied minions based on your movement speed. Moreover the passive increases the damage dealt to turrets by your nearby minions (15% increased damage).

It is strong in teamfights and in splitpushing!

Situational Value: 5/5
Elixir of Wrath
+25 attack damage/ an unique passive: dealing physical damage to champions heals for 10% of the damage dealt. Scoring a kill or assist extends the duration of this flash by 30 seconds.

An aggressive option which increases your lifesteal and burst damage. I still prefer Elixir of ruin more since 25 AD is nothing compared to 250 HP in Late Game (where you mostly buy elixirs). You can get this one if you feel like enemy burst is not a problem but the DPS they deal (with increased lifesteal you can compensate the DPS).
Another point to state is the +25 it gives. The increased damage is not much but if you need to kill a fed target fast every little bit counts.

Situational Value: 4/5
Elixir of Iron
Elixir of Iron gives 25% increased size/25% slow resistance/25% tenacity/an unique passive which boots allied champion's movement speed behind you by 15%.

This item was made for tank characters as you read through the stats it gives. However the 25% tenacity is noteable when you facing an enemy team with many stuns and slows. The increased size is a problem because it will make you an easy target for skillshots.
The movement speed boots is barely noticable since you will assassinate in the backline.

I would only get this if I didn't go for Zephyr or Mercury Threads (since they both give more tenacity: 35%) and I'm afraid of continuous stuns.

Situational Value: 3/5 (only for the tenacity)
Elixir of Sorcery
It gives 40 ability power and mana regeneretion plus an unique passive which deals 25 true damage with your attacks on turrets or champions.

We don't need the AP and the mana regeneration is barely noticable. The 25 true damage is nice, but if you want to use it against the towers you would better go for Elixir of Ruin.
If you want that True damage against champions then better go for Elixir of Wrath.
Not a good pick in my opinions.

Situational Value: 1/5 (not 0 because you scale from AP and the true damage is there)
Mercury's Treads
Mercury Treads gives magic resist + a passive skill which decreases the effects of stuns, slows, etc..
If we need that passive very much, we may get it.. I don't really like the idea, because we lose the 1,8 CD on our ult. It will be stated later, but the Full Build with Banshee's + FH gives enough survivability to Riftwalk--->kill----> Riftwalk ASAP out.

In this process you can get stunned easily, which makes the retreat harder. However if you need an anti CC item consider getting Mercurial Scimitar explained later..

Situational Value: 5/5
Ninja Tabi
A very good pair of boots in case you picked scaling cooldown reduction glyphs.
It gives armor and reduces the damage taken by auto attacks.

Combined with Frozen Heart you will be the nightmare of ADCs.
I rarely get this because I mostly go Mercury Treads if I have the 40% CDR without Ionian boots.
We have enough armor with Frozen Heart in my opinion.

Situational Value: 4/5 (if you didn't go Mercury or Ionian, go for this one).
Boots of Swiftness
Tier 2 boots with the highest movement speed possible with a good slow resistance passive.
We are not playing a close combat champion without gap closer. We have our R and we are mobile because that 1,8 sec CD Riftwalk.
Moreover we have increased movement speed from Triforce.

Do not worth getting this boots. Better for for the Elixir of Iron or Mercury threads if you want slow resistance that much.

Situational Value: 1/5
Berserker's Greaves
Tier 2 boots with low price and attack speed bonus.
Sounds well but we have a better option as investing into Ionian boots for CDR.

You shouldn't pick this one. If you need attack speed consider the Alternative Rune Set or try to implement BOTRK into the build.

Situational Value: 2/5
Boots of Mobility
Only this pair of boots gives more movement speed that Boots of Swiftness in certain circumstances (out of combat).
It is the best pair of boots for roaming, many assassins (like Zed) builds it to be able to ruin other lanes.

105 movement speed is really strong. With the triforce's % bonus it is huge!
We don't need movement sadly.. Our ultimate gives enough speed to arrive at other lanes in time.
It can work since you don't need to stack your ultimate before the fight if you rely on these boots.

Situational Value: 2/5
Sorcerer's Shoes
Tier 2 boots with 15 magic penetration.
This would be a core item on AP Kassadin or on any AP caster, but we play AD Kassadin.
We deal magic damage with all of our spells but only the fully stacked (4) Riftwalk's damage is noticable which is around 500-600 in late game.
Flat penetration meant to be useful in the early or mid phase of the game.
Since our fully stacked ultimate costs 1200 mana we can only use it in the late game (mana pool will be big enough).
It is quite expensive and doesn't boost our early game damage that much. I would prefer going for Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi if we don't need the CDR from Ionian boots.

Situational Value: 2/5 since it is not the worst option, but I still don't recommend.
Enchantment: Alacrity
An enchant for tier 2 boots which gives increased flat movement speed by 20.
It is really nice since the extra mobility we get, however we don't really need movement speed.
It helps you to run away and to chase down even faster.

Situational Value: 4/5
Enchantment: Homeguard
I get this enchantment most of the time. Uppon arriving to your fountain you get your HP/MP restored rapidly, plus you get a movement speed boost (200%) which lasts for some seconds (or until you enter combat).

The best enchant to get when you are defending your base, since you can counter poking team compositions by this. It can help you in teamfights with an easy trick:
You go back to your fountain and teleport to the place where the teamfight is about to begin. You will have the 200% movement speed where you have teleported which is good because you can chase down their carry more effectively (this bonus is lost upon getting damaged, or when you deal damage).

Situational Value: 5/5
Enchantment: Furor
Whenever you deal damage with a single target attack or spell, you gain 12% bonus movement speed that decays over 2 seconds.
It is like Alacrity but with more movement speed boost in fights and less out of combat.
It is better in most cases than Alacrity because you are a single target Assassin (Q/W/autoattacks proc this enchantment).

The 12% movement speed with Triforces 8% movement speed gives more than enough speed to chase down any target (you can auto attack the enemy without being kited).

Situational Value: 5/5
Enchantment: Distortion
Ghost, Flash, and Teleport cooldowns are reduced by 20%. Ghost gives 40% movement speed instead of 28%. Flash gives 30% movement speed for 1 second after being used. Teleport gives 30% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds after being used.

We mostly take Teleport and Flash so it is really difficult to say if this enchant is good or not.
The main point is the reduced summoner spell cooldowns and the movement speed bonus after Flash.
In terms of movement speed, Furor enchantment gives a longer/more stable but lower movement speed bonus so overally it is better.
I would pick this one if I feel like I need TP and Flash as many times as I can (if my only hope is in backdooring).

Situational Value: 3/5 There are just better enchantments.
Enchantment: Captain
The worst enchantment to get with AD Kassadin. Allied champions running towards you gain 10% bonus movement speed, nearby minions gain 20% bonus movement speed.

Designed for utility tanks. Since you are an Asssassin, you would better not getting this.

Situational Value: 0/5 Don't get it.
Sweeping Lens
Our build involves Warding Totem because the early vulnerability to ganks. In the roaming phase, where you gank another lanes, you can sell Warding totem and get this one.
It's effect is that you see enemy wards nearby. You can take the wards out and make the enemy lose vision and control over the map.
It can help you being an astonishment while ganking.
Early game champions often pick this one instead of Warding Totem at level 1 to delete their laner opponent's ward and make him afraid of jungle ganks. I do not recommend picking this at level 1 (you lose more than you gain).

Upgrade it to which is an extended version of this.

Situational Value: 5/5 When you are in the roaming phase.
Scrying Orb
Works as . It is not a good choice since you won't face-check bushes aren't you?
Mostly your support will carry these or your jungle.

I would go for Sweeping lens or Warding totem.

Situational Value: 3/5 It is not useless, just we have better options.
Doran's Shield
Doran's shield gives 80 flat HP/health regeneration/an unique passive which blocks 8 damage from champion basic attacks.
The unique passive combines well with and .

The flat HP make you tankier in the early game. The health renegeration increases your sustain factor.
It would be very nice for Kassadin but it's high price don't let us buying more than 1 HP potions.
We get much harrass, 1 potion isn't enough (the HP regen is still not enough).

Situational Value: 1/5 Not a bad starting item, but on Kassadin is a suicide.
Doran's Blade
Doran's Blade gives 70 flat HP/7 AD/3% lifesteal.
It is a really bad starting item on AD Kassadin.
Your early game is not so shiny, you won't be able to pick first blood at all.
The flat HP give tankiness, but you can only afford 1 HP potion (the same price as doran's shield).

Although it is not a good starting item, it is quite a nice early game item.
I often get 1 doran's blade if I can't afford to buy Vampiric Scepter along with Tear.
It gives lifesteal which helps you to stay in lane.

Situational Value: 0/5 as starting item. 5/5 as early game investment.
Doran's Ring
Gives 60 flat HP/15 AP/mana regeneration.
It's passive restores 4 mana when you kill an enemy unit.

HP is good, AP is okay. Mana regeneration and it's passive is a waste since we have W to regain mana.
The early AP increases your Q/W/E skills damage. Sadly it is barely noticable. You lose more than you gain.
It's price allows to buy 2 HP potions which is good, but this is the worst start among Doran items.

Situational Value: 0/5 You don't need mana, neither early AP.
Hunter's Machete
Starter jungle item for junglers.

Jungle would be a very painful role to play as Kassadin.

Situational Value: 0/5 Don't ever buy this item. (Only with Smite you could.. but why would you go smite at all?)
Guinsoo's Rageblade
An item designed for hybrid champions.
Somehow hybrid champions refuse to use this (only Kayle uses it sometimes).
It gives good stats overall: 30AD/40AP/ a passive which increases your attack speed by 4% and ability power by 4 for 8 seconds upon auto attacking or casting a spell (stacks up to 8 times)/another unique passive which grants 20% attack speed, 10% lifesteal when you fall below 50% HP.

The AD is good, the AP is okay, the price is cool!
We don't make any use of it's passives since we do not need stacking AP nor we want to go below 50% HP to get a powerspike. We want our powerspike when we have full HP preferably.

Situational Value: 0/5 Just no, if you want to get more damage go for BOTRK or Last Whisper.
Hextech Gunblade
Another item designed for hybrid champions.

It's stats are quite nice. Spell vamp/lifesteal/AD/AP and an unique active which deals damage and slows the target. The active scales from AP.
I think it is quite self explanatory why we don't buy this ("Scales from AP").

Situational Value: 0/5 We don't need AP and AP based actives.
Zhonya's Hourglass
This item is still a core item on AP Kassadin. We are still play the same kind of bursty gameplay, but we are much more tankier than an AP Kassadin.
The problem with this item is that, if we build it, we lose one tanky item or one damage item. The main item build in this guide is just perfect. Perfect balance between offensive /defensive items.

Zhonya would be really nice, but the AP is a waste, since we go full AD. The armor is okay, but we already have FH. If we would build this instead of FH, we wouldn't have 40% CDR + 3k mana which is bad.

Situational Value: 1/5 Many better options..
Athene's Unholy Grail
60 AP/25 magic resist/mana regeneration/20% CDR.
An unique passive which restores 15% of your max Mana on Kill or Assist.
Another unique passive which restores 2% of missing mana every 5 secs.

Sounds interesting however it is made for an AP caster. Since we don't like AP that much, you should never get this.
The CDR would go to waste since we have the cap.
It's passive which acts like would be really nice.. For example on Trinity Force. For only this passive we shouldn't buy this item

Situational Value: 0/5 No AP needed.
Deathfire Grasp
DFG is a very common item seen in every burst mage's build.
120 AP/10% CDR.
An unique active which deals 15% of target champion's maximum HP in magic damage then amplifies all magic damage they take by 20% for 4 seconds.

We don't really need the AP neither the CDR.
The unique active increases burst damage insanely.
Sadly it amplifies magic damage only and not AD.
Our R deals high magic damage, but it doesn't worth to get this at all.
If we want higher burst, let's go for Infinity Edge or BOTRK.

Situational Value: 0/5 Made for casters. You are not a caster anymore.
Abyssal Scepter
70 AP/50 magic resist/an unique aura which reduces nearby enemies' magic resist by 20.

We don't play an AP caster. Don't buy it.

Mostly used by close combat tanky mages (like Ryze or Diana).

Situational Value: 0/5
Liandry's Torment
It gives HP/AP/flat magic penetration/a passive which burns the enemy you damage with your spells.

Good for champions with high base damage and low CDs.
The passive is strong against HP stacking targets.
We don't need any of it's stats, let the AP casters build it.

Situational Value: 0/5
Lich Bane
An AP version of Trinity force giving AP/Mana/movement speed/a passive which is basically Triforce's passive but scaling with AP.

On AP Kassadin this would be a core item. We play AD Kassadin so go for Triforce.

Situational Value: 0/5
Mejai's Soulstealer
Gives 20 AP and an unique passive.
Passive: with every kill or assist you score you gain stacks. 1 Stack is equal to 8 ability power. You can get maximume 20 stacks. Upon getting 20 stacks you will additionally get 15% CDR.

A good snowballing item on AP casters. I do not like to buy this and Sword of Occult (AD version of Mejai) because I don't like to gamble. Both are high risk high reward items. If you die, you loser your stacks, you lose your power.
We do not want to lose our power.. NEVER!

Situational Value: 0/5 If you want to gamble that much go for Sword of Occult.
75 AP/mana regeneration/20% CD.
An unique passive which applies grevious wounds to the enemy (if you hit them with magic attacks below 40% HP).

Mainstream item since Athene's got nerfed. You can see 2 Morello in people build nowadays because it gives 40% CDR.
For it's price it is a really nice item (sadly next patch the nerf will come).

For AD Kassadin it is not a good choice. We are not AP

Situational Value: 0/5
Nashor's Tooth
50% attack speed/60 AP/20% CDR.
An unique passive which makes your basic attack deal additional 15 +0.15 AP magic damage.

Used by Kayle mostly. Good for champions who rely on attack speed and still doing great magic damage with spells.
It would be good on the AP Kassadin since our W's passive is similar to Nashor's passive.
On AD Kassadin, you should just ignore this one.

Situational Value: 0/5
Rabadon's Deathcap
120 AP an a passive which increases your ability power by 30%.

A heavy AP item. It is only useful if you stacked high amount of AP with your other items.
We only have around 30-50 AP with Triforce + Baron+ Dragon so it is not worth getting this.
We are AD.

Situational Value: 0/5
Rod of Ages
450 HP/450 MP/60 AP.
A passive: this item gains mana and hp and AP every minute up to 10 times.
An unique passive which restores HP and mana upon leveling.

A core item on AP Kassadin since it inceases the durability of the champion. It's unique passive helps your sustain factor in laning phase.
You shouldn't get this, let AP Kassadins build this.

Situational Value: 0/5
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
400 HP/100 AP.
An unique passive which makes your spells slow your target's movement speed by 35%.
(multi target spells slow for 15%)

The AP version of Frozen Mallet.
You should go for or if you want slow that badly. However as I stated in the analysis of these item I do not recommend.
You already have 90% slow plus you are the most mobile champion in the game.. You can catch whoever you want to catch.

Situational Value: 0/5
Seraph's Embrace
1000 Mana/60 AP/mana regeneration.
An unique passive which gives AP based on your maximum mana.
An unique active which shields you based on your current mana.

It is Muramana but in an AP and more defensive version.
It is a core item (was) on AP Kassadin, however AP Kassadin players build Rod Of Ages instead of this one.
It's stats are cool but you don't really need that AP.

Situational Value: 0/5
Twin Shadows
80 AP/6% movement speed/10% CDR.
An unique active which summons 2 invulnerable ghosts to seek the two nearest enemy champions. If they touch an enemy champion they slow his movement speed and reveal him.

Used by "YOU ARE SO TASTY" (EUNE) player's AP Cho'Gath to be able to land his Q properly.
A nice item for chasing and bush checking since it reveals champions even there.
AD Kassadin doesn't need AP so ignore this item.

Situational Value: 0/5
Void Staff
70 AP/an unique passive which makes you ignore 35% of your opponent's magic resist.

The strongest magic penetration item in the game. It is mostly built in late game by AP carries.
You shouldn't get this since your main damage source is AD. Get Last Whisper or Black Cleaver if you need penetration (against armor stacking enemies).

Situational Value: 0/5
Will of the Ancients
80 AP/10% CDR/20% spell vamp.

in AP version. The 20% spell vamp is huge. On a DPS caster it would be a core item.
We don't need the AP neither the CDR or spell vamp.
If you want lifesteal (if Hydra's isn't enough) get BOTRK.

Situational Value: 0/5
Wit's End
50% attack speed/25 magic resist.
An unique passive which makes your basic attack deals 42 bonus magic damage.
Another unique passive which makes your basic attacks steal 5 magic resist from your target (stacks up to 5 times).

A core item on Korean Kayle/Warwick. The attack speed and the magic resist is good.
The passive magic damage is not so good. This item is a good mid game item. Building in late game is not so wise.
You already have your mid game core items and they are superior to this one.

Situational Value: 0/5
Locket of the Iron Solari
An item for supports/ultility tanks/tanks.
It gives 400HP and 20 magic resist/health regen./10% CDR and an aura which increases magic resist to nearby allies by 20 (plus it gives health renegeration too).
It also has an unique active which shields your target for 5 seconds.

I like this item very much overall , but not on myself when I'm playing Kassadin. Ask one of your teammates to build it, so you can get the extra resist and become even more tankier.

Situational Value: 0/5 Let the support build it.
Banner of Command
20 magic resist/200 HP/60 AP/10%CDR.
An unique aura which grants nearby allies 20 magic resist and health regen.
An unique active which promotes a minion into Chuck Norris which demolishes everything.

It is not useful at all. Not even on a support. You will rarely see someone building it.
It is designed for supports and tanks, you shouldn't buy it.

Situational Value: 0/5
300 HP/health regeneration/10% CDR.
An unique active which prevents nearby enemy turrets from attacking for 3 seconds.
An unique passive which gives 30% movement speed while you are hanging around turrets.

Made for Tanks who leads the dive under the enemy's tower.
It can suspend the tower's attack, decreasing the enemy team's damage output.

Let your Tank build it!

Situational Value: 0/5
Frost Queen's Claim
This one is designed for supports, you don't make any use of it.
Never ever build this!

Anyway, used by AP supports like Annie/Leblanc/Karma. It gives AP/CDR/mana regeneration/gold income.
The unique passive gives gold whenever you auto attack or use spell on an enemy champion (or auto attack a tower).
The unique active shoots an iceball upon activating dealing AOE damage with AOE slow.

Situational Value: 0/5 You are not a support.
Face of the Mountain
Support item which is designed for supports and used by supports.
You are not a support, so let your support build this highly supportive support item.

Mostly used by tanky supports like Leona/Thresh/etc.. Gives CDR/health/health regeneration/ an unique passive which execute minions below 400 health (restoring health to you and restoring health/giving gold to the nearest allied champion). The nearest allied champion gets minion score./another unique passive which shields your targeted champion to get a shield which explodes after 4 seconds dealing damage based on the shielded champion's 100% AD and 30% AP.

Situational Value: 0/5 You are still not a support.
Talisman of Ascension
10% CDR/health regeneration/mana regeneration/20 movement speed/gold income per 10 seconds.
An unique passive which gives gold and HP while staying near a minion death.
Unique active which grant nearby allies 40% movement speed for 3 seconds.

An item mostly built by utility or defensive supports (Karma/Janna/Lulu). It is good for engage.
It is made for supports so you shouldn't buy it.

Situational Value: 0/5
Rigtheous Glory
500 HP/300 mana/health regeneration.
An unique passive which restores HP and mana upon leveling.
An unique active which grants 60% movement speed to nearby allies when moving towards enemies or enemy turrets. After 3 seconds, a shockwave emits, slowing nearby enemy champion's movement speed.

A support/tank item which is quite nice for engaging and sustaining in lane. It is like Rod Of Ages but without AP.
Do not get these, let your tanks build it.

Situational Value: 0/5
Mikael's Crucible
40 magic resist/mana regeneration/10% CDR.
An unique passive which increases mana based on your missing mana.
An unique active which removes all CC (stun/root/etc) effects on an allied champion and heals that champion for an amount based on your max HP.

Supports often build this since it can clean all the stuns from their carries. You really want a Mikael in your team, preferably on your support.
You shouldn't get this, because you are the one who will get stunned most likely.
If you want an item like this, go for Mercurial Scimitar (it can clean stuns too).

Situational Value: 0/5 Designed for supports.
Ruby Sightstone
Ruby Sightstone is a core item on support. It gives HP + refillable wards.

Supports start with this item to be able to give vision to their team.
You are not a support!

Situational Value: 0/5
Zeke's Herald
250 HP/20% CDR/an an unique aura which increases nearby allied champions' lifesteal and AD.

It is a really nice item on a support. The support will function like a moving buff machine. You and your carry benefits from the stats it gives.
You shouldn't buy this, let the support.

Situational Value: 0/5

Skill Order

Player Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Void Stone
QNull Sphere
WNether Blade
EForce Pulse
>>> (R>W>E>Q)

Start with Q to be able to harrass enemies. Your Q scales from AP only, but it's lvl 1 base damage is high so it is almost the same without AP points.

Follow up with W then E.

You should always max W because it gives back plenty of mana when you hit an enemy champion (40% at lvl 5 W). Since AD kassadin focuses on auto attacking and rapid gap closing, you will use your ultimate many many times (it drains mana so fast).
Moreover, the W max is the most useful because it has an auto attack reset (After an auto attack, using W leads to an instant auto attack). The AA reset is the main core of AD kassadin (explained later).


Void Stone
Void Stone is a really nice ability.. It decreases the AP based (magic) damage on kassadin by 15%.
The cream on the cake is the unit collision (you can walk over minions without getting blocked), which helps chasing in lane or fleeing from ganks..

You have advantage against AP champions!
Null Sphere
A void ball which deals poor damage, scaling from AP.. Stops chanelling spells, gives a shield to kassadin which absorbs magic damage.

Many would say it is a bad skill for AD Kassadin.. But let's have an analysis:
1. It interrupts chanelling spells, which is a nice "crowd" control effect basically. Think about Katarina's ultimate..
2. It gives a shield against MAGIC damage with 160 shield points (in early it is 40). It is not much, but you can trade easier with AP casters. In late game it can change a fight (whenever you escape with less than 100, think about this shield..).
3. The most important fact is... It has 80 base damage at level 1. It is very high. With the shield it gives, it is one of the game's most valuable lvl 1 trading skills.
4. Another note about his Q: It procs Muramana's toggle skill. It means you still deal some damage with it (around 400 hybrid damage late game).

Other champions's Q damage: Kayle Q has 60 base damage. Annie Q has 80 base damage. Ryze Q has 40 base damage. Syndra Q 60 base damage... And so on.

You have even bigger advantage against AP champions!

Tip: Always Q your enemy in early game to annoy them.
Nether Blade
The super mega ultra ability of Kassadin's kit (along with Riftwalk)..
To make my words serious..

This is the key to AD Kassadin.

Passive: You deal magic damage with your basic attacks (flat 20 magic dmg, which is quite nice in early AA trades).
Active: It is a buff to your next basic attack. You next basic attack will deal magic damage (40 flat damage at lvl 1, and 140 flat damage at level 5).
The Active part restores mana on hit. It restores 40% at lvl 5 when you hit a champion!!!

1. You can easily trade with a fiora on level 2. With runes/masteries you will have 80 AD. W passive gives +20 on-hit magic damage.. 100 damage (no resists counted) per auto attack on level 2. It's active deals +40 which is pretty nice.
2. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. It resets your auto attack, which means if you autoattack and use your W after then autoattack, your empowered (active W) autoattack will be INSTANT. Imagine this with Muramana/Triforce/Hydra + 400 AD. Your burst becomes insane.

Tip: At laning phase use this on minions as many times as you can to regain your mana pool. If you are really low on mana, consider risking a W on the enemy laner since it will restore much more.
Force Pulse
A force wave which slows your enemies front of you by 90% (!!!) for 1 seconds and dealing AOE damage. You can cast it when you get 6 charges. You gain charges whenever a champion (including you) uses a spell in your presence.

1. 90% AOE slow is very strong even if it is for 1 second only. You can help chasing down targets or slowing while bursting their carry.
2. The damage is very bad on this one. You can't really use it for constant harrass. Maybe at level 3 you should add E to your Q to deals a bit of damage. I always keep it for escaping since it is AOE..

The second pillar of AD Kassadin. It works like Flash, but with a much higher range. (Flash 400, Riftwalk 700).
It deals magic damage scaling of maximum mana. It means you still deal high magic damage with full AD build (you build tons of mana).

1. You can go through walls with it, which makes you ungankable after level 6.
2. Their carry can't run away from you, since it has 1,8!!!!!!!! seconds CD at lvl 3 with 40% CDR.
3. It drains your mana pool rapidly, so you need to use it carefully.
4. It scales from Mana and still deals magic damage!! So we do hybrid damage overall!

Tip: You will see a marker which shows how many times you used Riftwalk in a certain period. You should keep this marker always at 1-2. Wait until it disappears and use it again. However in fights, you can use it more freely, since you will hit people with your W and regain tons of mana!

Champion Matchups

Favors You
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: /
4. / or /.

Relatively easy match up after level 6. Before level 6 it is a bit harder because of the early harrass she can dismiss.
She is a defensive DPS caster with many disengage built in her kit.
You need to harrass her our (she will start with doran's ring + HP potions).

Her Q can stun.
AOE damage with attack speed slow.
Her W is a shield which can block you if you have your Riftwalk down.
She has very high AP ratios (can hurt you especially in late game).
Annoying passive which makes her "hard to kill".

Early Game:
Try to evade her Qs since her Q E combo can take half of your HP if you are not careful.
You should Q her if you have it up to force her back as soon as possible.
If you are really low on mana, consider using a W on her while her Q (stun ball) is on cooldown.
With a jungle gank and a well pointed Anivia Q you will be the first blood most likely, so don't forget to play safe.
Try not to push the lane.
If you get level 6 your life will be easier. You can teleport through her W (wall) and her Q skillshot. Wait before she shoots her Q and teleport (you won't get any damage).
She has an annoying passive so if you are not sure that you can kill her without putting yourself in graveyard too then don't all in her.
Try to get her passive down with constant Riftwalk ---> Auto attack ---> W auto attack ---> retreat cycles.
If she loses her passive ask for jungle help making sure she will die.
If you try to farm, she will most likely punish you with R E combo. If you get damaged by her ultimate immediately retreat until it's debuff passes (she deal higher damage with E when you are chilled).

Late Game:
She will be pretty strong with a decent tankiness. You can kill her easily since he will have no armor beside of Zhonya.
She is in danger in the whole game because of you (she knows it most likely). You need to focus her down since she can melt your carries with your tanks in seconds.
Nobody can get through her walls easier but Kassadin. You need to take her out even if she is behind overall. DPS mages can deal high amount of damage if you let them (even if they are weaker than they should be at a certain point of the game).
Favors Enemy
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier mastery page.
3. Starting items: /
4. / or /

Really hard matchup I have played recently. Intensive early game trading potential with bursty spikes.
At level 6 he can literally execute you if you have lower than 50% HP.
He can grab you with his E, which leads to stronger jungle ganks.
In lategame you can kill him easily (avoid his ultimate tho).

Early harrass.
Burst Damage, high dps, tankiness.

Early Game:
Start harrassing with Qs, and try to punish him with some early W attack (before level 3).
After level 3 he can surprise you with his burst.
Darius players often bring Ignite rather than Teleport to TOP (don't get surprised).
Be careful of the E he has (he grabs you). He can synergize so well with jungle ganks.

Late Game:
Mostly stick with your team and engage on the enemy carries.
Don't go 1v1 with Darius, he most likely kill you with his True damage (ultimate) and tankiness.
Try to focus him down after you took out the enemy carries.
You should evade his attempts to get you with his E (can hurt a lot, because you will get focused).
Favors You
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: /
4. / (counters his ultimate and you can kill him) or / (annyoing harass).

Closely no-cost champion with low cooldowns and strong poking ability.
It is really easy because you can RiftWalk away from his cleaver throws (Q).
He has a strong built-in sustain, you will hardly outharass him.
His gank synergy is weak with just one slow on Q.

Annoying harass.
Unkillable in his ultimate (with Ignite you will more likely succeed).
Strong sustain which will make him stay in lane for days.

Early Game:
He will pick Teleport almost in every match. This will make his sustain even better. His starting item will be Doran's Shield most likely to increase his HP regeneration and overall tankiness. He won't pick Cloth Armor + HP potions because he doesn't know that you will be AD.
Stay behind your minions, that will make him mess up his Q throws since it deals damage only to the first target it collides with.
Fortunately his kit deals magic damage which is easily reduced by your passive and Q shield. Try to shoot your Q in case you engage in close combat with him or if you can't avoid a Q flying towards you.
Try to engage on him when he used his Q and missed. His W is a strong damaging aura which is strong if you stay in its range for a long time. Do your common AA + W AA combo and retreat.
Getting level 6 won't give any advantage to you neither to your opponent. You can Riftwalk easily towards Mundo if he shoots his Q. You can teleport through it without being hit. You can run away easily from jungle ganks so your life will be easier.
On the other hand Mundo aquires his ultimate too, which will make him almost unkillable. Never go all-in (duel until somebody dies) when his ultimate is up. If you are ahead and picked Ignite you can try it with Igniting soon after he used his ultimate and started to regenerate rapidly.

Late Game:
He don't have to build any AP or AD to become strong because his skills don't have any scaling. They just to flat damage which is the same on the max level no matter you have 1k AP or 1k AD (okay.. his W has small AP scaling).
He will be very tanky you are unable to 1v1 him.
Stick with your team and aim for the enemy carries as always.
After you killed their carries start to clean up the battlefield.
Your last target should be Mundo, with 1 or 2 more person from your team will grant you enough strength to overcome Mundo's tankiness.
Favors Enemy
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier mastery page.
3. Starting items: /
4. / or /

Tough matchup because the early harrass + burst she can dismiss.
She synergizes well with jungle ganks because of the cocoon (root) she has.
In Lategame she is around 3-4 autoattack, so it is not a big deal.

She can root you.
She can harrass you constantly with her Q (very annoying), however you can decrease the damage with timed Q.
She can Rappel in spider form making you unable to deal any damage to her (biggest problem). It's like Fizz.

Early Game:
Try to farm as much as you can. Punish her with early Q harrassing (deals good damage if she went Doran's ring).
Try to not get caught by her Cocoon (root), and try not to push the lane because of the good synergy between Elise+ganks.
Call your jungler as soon as possible because most likely she will push you to your turret to make you have a hard time.
You can easily kill her with jungle presence.
After you hit level 6, you can try engaging on her with 1-2 AAs then retreat.

Late Game:
Pretty much easy task to burst down her even if she built tankier items.
You need to be careful, because if you get rooted by her cocoon, her team will punish you.
In late game she can't burst you because of the Passive+Banshee's combination you got in your pocket.
Try to catch her offguard and duel her down to the deep sea (aka graveyard).
Try to land your combo after she used her Rappel (jumped up).
Favors Enemy
1. Alternative Rune Page or Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: /
4. / or /

Very hard match up highly in Fiora's favor.
She can parry basic attacks and she can deal tons of damage.
Her ultimate is unevadeable.

Two gap closers.
Very high natural attack speed steroid on her E.
She can parry basic attacks with her W active.
Built-in HP regeneration (passive).
Invulnerable in her ultimate while you can't really avoid being hit.

Early Game:
She will start with Doran's Blade or Long Sword and will have 100+ AD at level 1. She start with her W so you can't trade with her at from level 1. If you see her body is glowing in white, stay back until it stops. You can only trade with her if her parry (W) is down. Poke her with your AA W AA combo.
You can hit him with your Q/E until level 6 since she is very squishy.
If you get killed by her, build Cloth Armor into . That will throw back your core item building speed but you manage not to feed Fiora.
She can close gaps by her Q twice. She can easily surprise you with Flash + Q + Q so make sure you are recalling far away from her.
Her E gives tremendous attack speed to its user. You will lose any long-term trade with her.
At level 6 she has even bigger advantage because if she casts her ultimate on you, your Riftwalking will make her stick to you and you won't run away at all.
The only way to solve your problematic life on your lane is to call your jungler for some ganks. Fiora is squishy with no escape spells, she will die most likely.

Late Game:
She can eliminate half of your team with a since ultimate. She will have around 400-500 (or even more) AD with Infinity Edge so it is really frightening. Fortunately you will have your Frozen Hearth at this point and you might decided to build one more item which gives armor (if not GA).
Dueling with Fiora this time is a very risky business, you might try it if you know that her ultimate is down. Remeber, she is a squishy who you need to kill (that's your role). Seek out her with lower HP and go all-in with constant Riftwalks and a Flash. You can kill her in 2-3 seconds.
The best way to win teamfights is to take her out before they actually happen. Her ultimate is among the strongest ones in LoL if we count the AOE damage ultimates only.
After she is out, go and kill their MID/ADC.
Favors Enemy
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier mastery page.
3. Starting items: /
4. /

Really tought matchup. I feel like he is the biggest counter to AD Kassadin overall.
Since he is melee, you can survive your early game if you play well.
Your passive + Q shield decreases Fizz's burst damage a bit.

The main problem with Fizz, that if he ults you, the fish will follow you wherever you riftwalk to!
It means, you can't really run away from him.
The second biggest problem is his E (as always). It can make him invulnerable to every attack (including autoattacks).

Early Game:
You should try trade with him pre level 3. After level 3 he has the advantage. Try to survive the laning phase and ask for your jungler's help.
When your jungle arrives, try to bait Fizz's E with a sudden engage on him. If he blows his PoleTroll E, the jungler will approach.

Late Game:
Focus on not getting caught by Fizz. You have Banshee's + passive, but he deals so much damage that you can't really survive.
If he blows his E + ult, you can easily kill him since he is vulnerable.
ALWAYS CHECK his items. IF there is Zhonya's HG, then don't be surprised if the fish pops it up!
Favors You
1. Alternative Rune Page or Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: / since he will start with doran's blade.
4. / or /.

Average match up, mostly skill based. You can win if you stay away from him when he transforms.
His early game damage is not big, you can outtrade him with Qs.
His late game is problematic since he is very tanky along with his high damage output.

High damage output.
Late game tankiness.
Gap closer or escape spell via jumping.
Strong CCs (slow and stun).

Early Game:
He is easy to harrass in his normal form. Use Qs simultaneously, you may land 1-2 Ws.
He is ranged so you will get the auto attack harrass, only go into his AA range when you go for a minion or to throw a Q on Gnar.
If you picked Ignite and Primary Rune Page, you can kill him if he is under 50% HP without transformation.
If you see a narrow line under his HP going deep yellow then red, stay back: he will transform into a monster giving him annoying tankiness. You need to wait until he calms down.
At level 6 Teleport onto him and punish until he dies or disengages.

Late Game:
This time he has built Triforce + some tankiness. You can 1v1 him if he is transformed.
Try to focus their carries as always, then change your aim at the head of Gnar.
Gnar is strong in late game with good initator capabilities, he can tank your whole team's damage alone even if he is not fed.
Try to pick teamfights when his red line is down and he won't transform.
Favors You
1. Primary Rune Page (his W would kill of your gained AS by %).
2. Tankier Mastery Page or Sustain Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: / because he will buy that too (or Doran's shield in a better situation).
4. / or / (if you want to kill him).

Easy match up. His early game is weaker than yours.
He will going to farm all day to stack up his Q.
His lategame is strong.
He got a strong slow with AS reduction and an armor reducting E.

Can snowball to forever because of his Q stacking.
Strong AS/MS slow.
Built in sustain (passive grants % lifesteal).
His ultimate extends his lifespan.

Early Game:
You can easily outtrade him with your AA W active AA combo. He will have to use his Q on minions to gain as much advantage as possible in the early game. If he decides to use his Q on you, he will lose many Q damage. If he does so, encourage him with constant poking.
His E deals low magic damage which is easily absorbed by your Q's shield. Whenever you feel like he will use his E (mostly to last hit), use your Q immediately. His E deals high damage on-hit then lower over time damage for few seconds. The first hit is the key, you need to predict his move and use your Q BEFORE he uses his E.
Poke him with spells too in the early game, but he will regenerate so fast that it will be useless earlier than in other match ups. You should stop using spells (Q/E) when you feel like it has no use.
If you call for a gank, you can still punish him because he can be killed pre-6 with your 90% slow. If he manages to escape he still loses many valuable minions.
After he became level 6 don't try to fight with him until death because he will most likely kill you. If you picked Ignite you might try it if he has low stacks on his Q.
Whenever he uses his slow on you, retreat immediately.
The best method to check a Nasus's power is to check the match timer. For example if it says you are in game for 20:00 minutes then an average Nasus player will have 200-300 stacks. A fed nasus will have more than 300 (mostly twice as the timer, so 400). An underfed, denied Nasus will struggle below 200.

Late Game:
Unlimited strength in late game, he can stacks forever. You don't want to let him do it.
After you finished your core items, try to end the match as soon as possible.
Take your route to kill squishy targets, then move to tankier ones.
Nasus will build very tanky most likely with an offensive item (Trinity). He will deal tons of damage and can insta-kill squishy targets.
With your 180 armor he won't do any harm to you.
If he uses his W on you retreat with a backward Riftwalk.
Favors Enemy
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: / since he has strong harrass.
4. / or /

One of the hardest match ups you can ever get. He has the best AD harrass in the game, you can do almost nothing about it.
He can stun, he is tanky, he is a big problem overall.
In late game he falls off if you didn't feed him.

He can harrass you out from the lane easily.
He has stun.
He deals high burst damage.
He has a global ultimate functions like Teleport.

Early Game:
He is your biggest counter in early game. He will bully you with his Q and sudden engages.
Try to stay back as long as possible. Don't even try to trade with him. Drop 1-2 Qs on him and focus on farming (I mostly use Q to farm in this match up).
Ask for your jungler to literally camp him down.. Your only chance is to end the laning phase without kills given to Panth (it is harder than it seems).

Late Game:
His damage falls off if he wants to keep his tankiness. Kill his carries then focus him with your team.
If he is not fed you can duel him whenever you want with your core items.
After completing Frozen Heart he is not a problem to you anymore.
His ultimate can be surprising if he decides to use it as an initator spell. Tell your team to stay together since it will be not a big problem if he makes an 5v5 fight (he can ambush your teammates hanging around alone..).
Favors You
1. Alternative Rune Page is really nice, since he can't push well.
2. Tankier Mastery Page, but you can go Sustain Mastery Page (for more sustain).
3. Starting items: /
4. / to be able to follow up Shen's ultimate.

Easy matchup, highly in Kassadin's favor. Shen has a very weak early game since he is a pure tank. You can survive early game with a decent farm.
Shen is scary because of his taunt. This synergizes with jungle ganks very well, so you need to be careful.

Only his Taunt is bad for us. It can ruin your whole escape mechanism in late game, if you get hit by Shen's taunt.
Another problem is that he is Shen with 2 Teleports actually (ULT+TP). You need to decide whether you want to follow him risking that you will lose farm or staying at your lane and free farm. The latest option endangers your team because of the man advantage the enemy team will get.

Early Game:
Farm Farm Farm. His Q deals no damage actually (60 at level 1): your shield neglects 40 magic damage. Try to shoot your Q whenever he shoots his Q.
Be careful of ganks, since he can taunt you after level 3.
You can always use W on him to regain mana since he is not that scary.

Late Game:
You can engage on him in 1v1, if you feel like you would lose, just riftwalk away.
Try to avoid him in teamfights, since he will try to taunt you which is not the best between 5 bloodlusted enemy champions.
If Shen is in the enemy team, be careful on 1v1ing carries, since he can ult them and surprise you!
Favors You
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page (however you can try Sustain Mastery Page, but then don't try to go in close combat).
3. Starting items: /
4. / or / or /
Relative hard in the early game.
He can harrass and burst quite well.
He deals AD, so your passive + Q shield is useless sadly.
Late game he is still strong because he can go stealthed + can deal insane burst.

Continous harrass which is AD based (you can't block it with Q shield).
He can deal high burst.
He can go stealthed with ultimate.

Early Game:
He will start with Flask most likely. Try to harras him before level 3.
Be careful at level 3, since he can surprise you with high damage.
You can trade with him if he started with flask, since AD Kassadin deals high damage in close combat.
At level 6 you can call your jungler and most likely kill him, since he is very squishy.

Late Game:
His damage is just insane, but he is squishy.
You can burst him if he doesn't have his ultimate up. Otherwise do not engage on him, because you will lose the 1v1 duel.
Try to Assasinate Talon as soon as he engages one of your carries. You can deal higher burst damage.
Try to stick with your team, since you are inferior in an 1v1 duel.

Tip: You can get pink wards if you feel like you are stronger (get snowballed by jungle ganks). Put pink ward down, when he uses his ultimate and disappears.
The pink ward will reveal Talon, and you can kill him.

Favors You
1. Alternative Rune Page (but you can go Primary Rune Page for easier farming).
2. Tankier Mastery Page (auto attack harrass hurts).
3. Starting items: /.
4. / or /.

Fairly easy matchup, however the early game is painful because Tristana is ranged.
If she shoots her E at you, throw back a Q immediately. This will cut off her harrass damage.
Later in the game, you can easily kill her.

Ranged champion.
Can shoot you away, which is more annoying than effective is (you can RiftWalk).
She has a healing effect decreaser on her E.

Early Game:
Focus on farm as always. Try to not get harrassed by auto attacks because this will make you low.
If she kills a minion, stay away before the minion dies, because it will deal AOE magic damage.
Ask for jungle gank, she is squishy, easily killed.
If she is AP tristana then do not stay at your lane if you have below 50% HP. This goes especially for lvl 6 and after, since she can burst you and score a kill.

Late Game:
If she is AD, it is easier to kill her. Full AP tristana can deal high burst, but your passive + Banshee's Veil ruin her combo.
Try to catch her offguard since she counts as a carry. You need to assasinate her before she hits your team.
Wait until she blows her Rocket Jump W, then engage immediately to score a kill!
Favors You
1. Alternative Rune Page or Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: /.
4. / or / (mostly because you counter his ultimate with Ignite).

Tryndamere is strong split pusher champion with no mana or energy costs.
His ultimate makes him immortal for 5 seconds that is why he builds pure AD items. He can land critical strikes on level 1 which makes his early game damage huge.
His damage increases well throughout the game which is scary to you.

No mana/energy costs on his spells.
Can land critical strikes on level 1.
Can be immortal with his ultimate.
Has a slow.
He posesses an annoying/strong heal.

Early Game:
On level 2 you can try to trade with him when his 'Rage' (the stat under his health where mana should be) is close to zero. He builds up rage with auto attacks and spells giving him an increased critical chance. If he has more than 50% rage, you shouldn't trade with him since he will melt you.
Poke him continously with your Q until he is low. On level 2 you deal 100 damage with your auto attacks (+ W reset) so you can kill him if you picked Ignite summoner spell.
After he becomes level 6, you should call your jungler to help you. Sadly you can't burst him even if you are fed.
The best tactic is to Ignite him when his ultimate is going to vanish (after 3-4 seconds in ultimate). This will decrease his heal that much that he will die.

Late Game:
Insane late game damage, he is able to kill a target without tank items in 2-3 auto attacks.
Since you have built FH, you can relax a bit longer.
Do not try to duel him, he will most likely destroy you.
You can try bursting him down since if you do it correctly (as a surprise), he won't be able to react to use ultimate.
He is considered as a carry, so he is on your "Death List".
You would prefer starting with their ADC since he is much easier to burst (he doesn't have immortality).
It is not the best thing split pushing against Pushamere because he can do it as effectively as you do.
Favors You
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: /
4. / (to follow up his ultimate) or / (to kill him) or / (for late game).

TF is a good pusher/roamer champion. You need to punish him every stage of the game. Your high mobility allows you to catch up with his roamings.
You can pick Teleport instead of ignite, if you want to help the lanes TF is roaming. Without the Ignite you can still kill him in 1v1 but it will be harder.

Annoying stun, unlimited mana, fast waveclear, free globar teleport ult. You need to be careful of his stun. It can set up a nice gank.

Early Game:
Constant harrassing with Q as always. Try to shoot Q when he doesn't have his W up. If you can't avoid his W (you will get damaged) then use your Q to get shield.
Try to engage him if you hit level 6. You can easily hurt him.
Engage when he uses any of his spells, you will win most of the trades.

Late Game:
TFs late game is not so strong. 2 damaging abilities on your Banshee+ passive combo is just not enough to kill you. You can easily take him out due to his squishiness. Becareful of his backdooring potential with his ult.
If your whole team is low on health and TF is alive, stay together since he can hunt down isolated (ehm,Kha'Zix,ehm..) targets easily.
Favors Enemy
1. Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: /.
4. / or / (because he will harrass you).

It is really hard, since he can deal high burst damage in the early game.
He can go stealthed so you can't auto attack him.
He has knockup with synergizes with jungle ganks.

High early game damage with gap closer.
His ultimate deals tons of damage and knock it's targets up.
Can go stealthed.
Mostly start with Flask, so you can't harrass him out.

Early Game:
If he picked Ignite, be careful since he has the advantage. I prefer picking exhaust then to rip off his damage if he goes all in.
Try to Q as much as you can, however it is not as useful as it is in other matchups (because of Flask).
Ask for early gank (as always) and try to kill him when you have your E slow.
After you hit level 6 be careful of jungle ganks since he can knock you up with his ultimate.
If he engages on you with his E Q (jump attack) combo, and you feel like you wouldn't die in a close fight, RiftWalk to him and use an auto attack + W reset auto attack then retreat.

Late Game:
He still deals high damage, moreover he is a threat to your whole team because his ultimate deals AOE damage.
Stick with your team.
If he engages on you, you are most likely dead. Try to disengage as soon as possible.
If he used his skills he is vulnerable, kill him after you have killed his carries.
You can buy a pink ward to reveal him from his stealth, it can be really useful.

Favors You
1. Alternative Rune Page or Primary Rune Page.
2. Tankier Mastery Page.
3. Starting items: / because he will start with doran's blade.
4. / or / (if you want to kill him).

Easy match up. You need to dodge his Q after level 6 with a timed Riftwalk.
You can harrass him, and make him back off because he will start with doran's blade most likely.
If you get hit by a Q after level 6 and the enemy jungle is around you are most likely dead.

He has shield which lowers you burst or harrass.
He can block your Q which is annoying only rather than a problem (since your Q deals no damage in early at all ).
He has a knock up which is problematic, however you can evade it easily.
He deals tons of damage at all phases of the game.

Early Game:
Harrass him with your Q non stop. He will have to retreat soon enough.
You can punish him with some auto attacks empowered by W.
If you see that the wind swirl around Yasuo, don't engage him because he has the advantage with his knock up.
At level 6 when he shoots his Q tornado, use your Riftwalk towards him. You can teleport through his hurricane without being hit by it.
Start punishing him.

Late Game:
Sick late game damage with god like engage. Be careful since he can cast ultimate whenever he spots any of your teammates knocked up. For example a Wukong + Yasuo combo can destroy your whole team in seconds.
You need to catch him off guard.
If he has his Q up be careful as I mentioned above.
You can easily kill him in 1v1 (unless he suprises you with his Q ultimate combo).

Early Game

Early game is relatively hard for Kassadin overall. You will get surprised that it is a bit easier to play AD Kass than AP Kass early game. You will have plenty of AD + W to farm easier under tower.
You need to focus on farming as many minions as you can without dying. Harrass constantly the enemy with your Qs. If your enemy deals any kind of magic damage, try to shoot your Q when your enemy shoots his magic spell. It will block some of the damage (your Q shield).
Use your Flask first, then use your HP potions (Flask is refillable)
If you are getting low on mana, you can risk to hit the enemy with your W (preferably in top lane).
Go to home if you have no more potions.. DO NOT OVEREXTEND!! If you are low, go back.. Don't risk ruining your laning phase.
If you are playing top, you can back and use teleport to come back easily.
Use your Warding Totem after the second minion wave to secure side bushes from jungle ganks.

After the first back you have Tear + Vampiric Scepter hopefully. Focus on stacking your Tear and farming.
Check Tear's icon, and try to use your spells when it is ready to get stacked.
After level 4+ your Q+E becomes weak. We don't build AP + we level them later. You should stop harrassing with them (only use Q for the shield + E for the slow).
You should use your Q to farm untouchable minions.

After you are level 6 (mostly you get it before the first back) you can harrass enemies by Riftwalking them + W AA then retreating.
Be careful, only engage like this if you are sure that you won't be killed.
Try to engage when the enemy has used any of his skills. (For example engage TF after he used mana card).
Call for jungle ganks since your E slow is big, can easily lead you to a successful kill.

Mid Game

This phase is where the game starts to get joyful.
You most likely finished your Hydra by this time.
You need to complete Muramana and Triforce as soon as possible. If you have 500+ stacks or Manamune go for Muramana, if you have below 500 stacks go for Triforce. Sometimes I get Sheen, then I go for Muramana (if I'm near 750 stacks). This option gives high burst along with the early toggle of Muramana.

If you scored a kill in the laning phase (thanks to jungler or to God) you are a lucky one.
Start to roam around the map while looking for kills. With your Hydra, you are a really big threat to the enemy team.
At this point, their ADC is still weak (if not fed), you can easily 1v1 him.
Consider selling your Warding Totem and buy Sweeping Lens to clean up enemy wards (they shouldn't see death coming for them).
You may consider Teleport ganking the bot lane if they pushed the lane. Try to teleport behind their lines (on a ward preferebly in side bushes). You can ask their support to put a ward there, and set up the whole ambush.

Skrimishes are starting, objectives become more important. You need to stick with your team to give your strength to them. I like to fight skrimishes (for example 2v2/3v3) instead of big teamfights at this point. It is because Riftwalk has higher CD and high mana cost while my mana pool is still low (I can't ruin their lines freely).
The Dragon gives increased AD/AP boost with it's first stack. One Dragon Kill is a must, it boost you in every aspect.
In the skrimishes you make near dragon or towers, focus their lowest HP champion. Scoring a kill will make the enemy retreat mostly.

When you have finished your Trinity/Muramana you are at the peak of your power (at least in damage). You can 1v1 anyone, even if your opponent has better items. You get these items normally (hopefully) at 25:00 in the game.
Try to hunt down targets, if you see no opportunity to hunt, stick with your team.

Late Game

In the late game, you have two options:
1. Grouping up with your team.
2. Splitpushing alone.

It is really hard to tell which one you should do and when. I mostly pick the 1. option if my team is stronger in teamfights. For example we have devastating AOE ultimate (like Katarina/Kennen/Amumu). Your team can be stronger not only in AOE effects but via overall gold lead. So if you feel teamfights are in your favor, then go for them and generate them.
You can easily generate a fight at baron's pit with mimicing a baron raid party.

I go for the second option when the enemy team is stronger than my team. I buy Elixir of Ruin and start my pushy pushy way through their nexus. They will try to catch you off guard (since you are alone, and they are five). They just forgot that you have 1,8 sec CD on your ultimate. Clear the wave like a king and go back.
You can use your Teleport to go to other lanes (which lanes should be pushed). You will be surprised how easily you delete towers. Exploit your auto attack reset to deal damage faster.

There are still high valuable team objectives (Baron,Dragon,Crab) which are worth fighting for. Try to get from these as much as you can and let the game roll to your favor.
If you see an open inhibitor at the enemy base, go there and be xPeke. It is really easy to take out an inhibitor with AD Kassadin. They are won't be able to kill you most of the time!


Teamfights are higly favor you. You are the horror of squishy targets. At this point you can almost instakill an ADC with Guardian Angel.
Wait until your frontline engages at the enemy's.
Look for the best opporunity to go in (you need to be a surprise, instead of a welcomed guest). Focus their strongest carry and finish him/her.
After you have killed the strongest among them, their morale will decrease fastly.
Don't stop this time, go for the second strongest foe (the another carry).

If you feel like you would not survive the attacking, you are doing something wrong. In the worst scenario, you will only have to fight with 2 champions (carry + the enemy who peels for the carry). You won't die against two enemies, at least not in seconds. You will be able to kill your target.
Sometimes, killing the second target would put you to the graveyard too. Decide based on the current circumstances, wheter it is worth or not.

If one of the enemy's tanks dives too deep in your line and loses the connection with his team, it is better to stay with your team and kill the tank (only do this if their team can't join the fight).
If your ADC is in danger caused by an enemy carry (!), chance your target to this one. Your ADC kills the tanks. Without him, you can hardly destroy enemy tanks.


Which champion would you prefer on your team? In this topic you get the ideas.
You really prefer a team with high tankiness and immense amount of CC. They distract the whole enemy team, while you can easily do your task in the background.

He can build tanky/Off-Tanky. Whatever he builds, it is good for you. Gragas is a naturally beefy champion with many CCs.
The most important skill of his kit (for us atleast) is his ultimate. He throws a big barrel which explodes knocking the enemy team away in every direction.
This skill makes their carries OUT OF POSITION and make you be able to catch them while they are still trying to recover from the dizziness.

Synergy: 5/5

He is an AP tank, mostly build as pure tank. He has % aura damage and an AOE root ultimate.
This ult is one of the strongest AOE ultimate in the game.
If he uses it correcly, their whole team is impaired.
You can catch their carry, and they won't kite you at all (however they can attck).

Synergy: 5/5

Kayle (<3) is my first main champion. I didn't add her as synergy because I'm a Kayle main though. I added her because of her ultimate. It makes her target invulnerable to any damage within it's duration. If she casts on you, you can go into the whole team without thinking about positioning (and kill their carry).
Her Q deals high damage and slows for 50% (it is good because it helps your burst).
Her W gives movement speed. We don't really need the movement speed, most of the time she will use her W on your ADC or on your tanks.

Synergy: 5/5

King of poke. Ziggs has only high range harassing spells in his kit.
He can easily melt the enemy team's max HP by a quarter before the actual teamfight begins.
His ultimate is a freaking high range atom bomb with tons of damage. After harassing you can engage on the enemy backline.
Ziggs can help you with his ultimate and make sure you wipe out every valuable target.
He has slow (E) and a knocking skill (W) which synergizes well with any champion.

Synergy: 5/5


Going TOP or MID is a big dilemma.
In the MID lane, your opponent will be an AP carry most likely.
In the TOP lane, your opponent will be an AD champion most likely.
Everybody would say Kassadin belongs to the mid lane because of his passive and Q shield.

I wouldn't say MID is the best lane for AD Kassadin after all these. We have extra advantage against magic damage, we have better roaming potential it is not a question. My problem with taking MID is that you miss an AP carry. Yes, you can force the top laner to pick AP champion, but most of the top lane AP champions are tanky instead of glass cannon.
Mostly in ranked gameplay, you will prefer to go TOP lane.
Let's note that champions in the top lane are mostly melee champions. Which means you are free from annoying auto attack harrass.
Playing in the TOP lane gives you a decent early game.

This build was made for TOP/MID, so I don't say TOP is the only viable choice. For example against certain top match ups you don't really want to go against while you may go against a Twisted Fate in mid.

Check the enemy laners, and decide!

My ratio: 80% TOP 20% MID


A big mistake you can make (as I did in the first time) is the way you burst the enemy. You should NOT use your E and Q in the early game as part of your burst.
Your common combo looks like this:

1. Riftwalk.
2. Auto attack.
3. W reset auto attack.
4. Hydra active.
5. Riftwalk away.

If the target is not dead yet, use your E for slow and make sure you won't be kited.

After finishing your Muramana things change radically. Your Q procs Muramana's toggle passive which means it deals around 400 hybrid damage. It is really noticable. This time you can add your Q to your burst combo. It is good for finishing off low HP running targets.

Why is it good? Why is it working?

You may ask these questions. I tell you why:

Kassadin is a currently overnerfed AP caster champion which wants to burst his target in a combo cycle. Sadly his low base damages and ratios doesn't let him to fulfill his duty.

1. Building him AD gives the damage to be able to make this point.

2. With around 3k mana we will have in the late game, we will be able to use our Riftwalk as many times as we want. Our W restores 40% of our missing mana, it means hitting an enemy champion with 0 mana will make us have 1200 mana again. With 1200 mana we can cast a 4 stacked Riftwalk (costs 1200).

3. With 40% CDR Riftwalk has 1,8 seconds cooldown. Nobody will catch you, nobody will run away from you.

4. The W skill on Kassadin resets his auto attack. If you auto attack, then use W immediately after the auto attack. then your next auto attack empowered by W will be instant. Dealing 2x your attack damage, 1x trinity passive proc, 2x Muramana toggle passive's damage. It is really big in just a second or less.

5. Muramana is the AD version of Seraph's Embrace. Giving the same amount of mana but a better unique skill. That skill deals extra damage on your single target spells and auto attacks based on your mana pool. Your Q will still deal damage (400 hybrid damage). The muramana extra damage can go up to 200 with full mana pool. Your W resetting exploits this extra chunk of damage (2x 200 in just a second).

You won't believe me until you have tested it on your own!

I link a diagram made to present the damage difference between AD and AP kassadin througout the game.

I counted these different builds' damage after every 1000 gold income and transformed into items then to stats. I used a common AP kassadin build according to C9Hai's build: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/kassawin-393887
The full burst is counted only which is RQWE and double auto attack (W reset). Staying longer in the fight would highly favor AD Kassadin.
AP Kassadin's damage is 90% AP and only 10% AD from his basic attacks while AD Kassadin's damage is 70% AD and 30% AP on an average (the AP % decreases in longer fights because of the constant AA-ing).
AD Kassadin buys 1 more defensive item (I used the main build can be seen in this guide) and still outdamages its AP counterpart.
I counted the fully stacked ROA + Muramana at the same time to make my counting easier.
Critical indication means the maximum damage landed by full AD build if every possible attack is a successful critical strike (with your low critical strike you more likely hit between the AD and the Critical mark).
The black lines on each mark (AD/AP/Critical) mean an average damage.

Full builds cost surprisingly the SAME amount of gold (100g difference only).
AP Kassadin got the % magic penetration from Void Staff and Zhonya's active skill but with only 5% CDR and 2200 mana.
AP Kassadin has a bit more HP than AD Kassadin (circa 200 difference).
AP and AD Kassadin have the same amount of magic resist.
AD Kassadin got 3200 mana, 40% CDR and much more armor (190 armor).
AP Kassadin has his shield which parries around 350 damage while AD Kass's parries 160 only.

Overally AD Kassadin scales much better into late game and almost the same strong in early game.
AP Kassadin has Catalyst which increases his sustain while AD Kassadin has life steal.
AP Kassadin has the advantage pre level 6 because of his ranged spells are a bit stronger.
AD Kassadin gets at the peak of his power 8-9k gold while AP Kassadin gets that at 13k gold and it is STILL LOWER than the peak with AD kassadin.


A video about our beloved AD Kassadin:

A video about me playing as AD Kassadin in a Normal Game:


AD Kassadin is a very versatile and strong champion.
He is viable in ranked gameplay, in the next season I will start using him in ranked games too.
AD Kassadin has it's beauty like no other champion have.
The strategic game you should play opens many different playstyles.

It is the most fun champion I have ever played truly.. You should start to play him!


-Constantly adding match ups.

-2015.02.18. Changed frontpage picture.


-Thanks to "DropTheSilence" (EUNE) for helping in AD Kassadin guide video.

-Thanks to "Szlai" (EUNE) for giving advices about certain parts of the guide.

-Thanks to unknown artist who made genderchanged Kassadin (I took it from google).

-Thanks to 'Gathril' who made the Kassadin brilliant picture modification can be seen on the frontpage.


October 26, 2015 - 01:06 AM #1

@Shiina Spell Weaving does not increase "magic damage", it increases Spell damage, meaning any skill. And Blade Weaving uses Skills(spells) to increase basic damage, else why would people use such masteries on something like Riven which is full physical damage? You should consider using those masteries instead of warlord, since the total AD that warlord gives even lategame isn't that much(5% of your BONUS ad), while Spell and Blade Weaving stack your damage up to 3% more, which include your magic damage and manamune's active damage.

July 31, 2015 - 07:13 AM #2

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July 19, 2015 - 12:20 PM #3

This is the best guide www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWxDqOR2gZY

April 16, 2015 - 03:05 PM #4

Hey Shin actually sort of fell into this same practice myself but I do tend to build the RoA more than Banshee's. Plus the extra health/mana w/ the passive are very good for both survivability and extra damage. Also with the new black cleaver changes coming up what are your thoughts on using that in conjunction with frozen heart? 400 health, Armor Pen and 20% CDR are very attractive on an AD Kass. Your vids are also great on you tube keep them coming. Cheers m8!

March 21, 2015 - 04:14 PM #5

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February 22, 2015 - 07:10 PM #7

Thank you! :D
You can't really say AP is better because we play AD Kassadin as a tank bruiser assassin lel.
We try to annihilate the squishy targets but we are very tanky compared to a normal burst caster.
So yeah, it is just different :D

February 22, 2015 - 11:49 AM #8

Pretty cool guide, it works very well but i think AP is still better overally , because AP deletes enemy with 3 spells ( Q E W ) especialy adc and has much better poke before teamfights.. But I'm fan of your guide so, i hope this guide will see more people.

February 20, 2015 - 09:48 AM #9

Thank you for the picture, I would really appreciate if you made a full match history with all match outcome (even the losses) to avoid haters to hate. :D You know " only won matches stacked together, no proof" T_T

#Darth Nub:
Thank you for being kind! It is really nice to hear that you made that success what I have never made! :D
The ultimate change will hurt AP Kassadin even more than AD Kassadin. It is a really bad way to nerf him anyway. I have a PBE account and I tried the new ultimate. Fortunately the mana cost decreases which will make us being able to spam the ultimate more with 40% CDR. If they keep this change and it goes live (which I hope won't happen) Clarity will be a core summoner spell.
If they keep the change then AP Kassadin will get a bigger compensation because PBE forums are full of non biased diagreeing about the recent Kass nerfs.
I think it won't be ratio buffs since it wouldn't solve anything. Some in-depth proposals mentioned to make Kass's ultimate like Akali's (charge based). It also mentioned that hitting a target with W would grant a charge. If they make this change, AD Kass will be even more superior due to the 40% CDR W spamming.

Overally the most likely change will be the reverting of the range nerf to around 600 range. It is a small nerf but still it is!
Hope you are pleased! :D

February 20, 2015 - 08:44 AM #10

Just played a game with Kass in normals, proceeded to get a 2v5 penta (against a fed AP Kassadin). I'm a believer now.

What are your thoughts on the new Kassadin changes to his ult?

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